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What we know about Eczema, its causes, and everything related to Atopic dermatitis!

Eczema is a problem which many people have sometime in their life time or there are people who never have Eczema. Luckily Eczema is very treatable with medication or some natural treatment. People have this due to heredity also. If this is something one of your parents had in the past then there is a good chance you might have that also. There are few things you should do to prevent it if you happen to have Eczema. First of all it itch too much  and you have great urge to to keep itching more and more. The more you itch the better you feel. This might give a temporary pleasure  but in the long run this keeps on making your eczema worse and worse. This itching urge mostly happens when you keep the Eczema dry. The key is also keep it moisturized with some moisturized cream which are available over the counter or with cream which are available to help and prevent the Eczema over the counter. The less you will itch the sooner you will get better. The worst you can do with yourself is not itch the Eczema but all of a sudden you have urge to itch and when you itch you ruin all the good work you have done so far. The key is whenever you are having such urges make sure apply some cream on the top of it and try to divert yourself with someone else until the urge goes away. If you are alone it’s difficult to control the urge and you end up itching anyway. This is something from my past experience and I have learnt it hard way and just because of itching I could not get rid of Eczema for few months even though I was applying all kind of medication and this was not helping.

Living With Dermatitis While Under The Age Of 30


There is a little difference between Dermatitis and Eczema though doctors sometime consider Eczema and Dermatitis in the same category. Both of these are skin diseases and symptoms are pretty much the same as they look similar and doctor provide the similar treatment to both of these. Luckily both of these are not contagious. 


If you don’t want to run to the store for Eczema cream you can even use Vaseline which has been proven very helpful in treating the Eczema. Mostly Eczema is pretty much common in babies but this can happen to anyone of any age.  This can happen to any part of the body in humans of any age. If you are looking for some natural treatment then Aloe Vera is pretty good and helps treat Eczema naturally. Another good treatment is eating more Omega 3 which is more common in Walnut and all fish oil capsules really helps also.

Cetaphil and Eucerin over the counter are most common medication to treat Eczema

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6 thoughts on “What we know about Eczema, its causes, and everything related to Atopic dermatitis!

  • Alex Palmer says:

    I use to hate going out in public because of the way that I looked because people would just look and laugh at me. I got to the point where I went into depression for about about a week and then I finally went and got help. First I went to what people call a shrink. Then after that I went to see my doctor and he told me about Zyrtec. I started taking that and after a short period of time my face looked a lot better and I felt like my old self again and people laughed no more.

  • Jake Kelly says:

    I’ve had eczema since my preteens. It became especially difficult in high school when I wanted to dress fashionably, but it felt like my eczema was holding me back. Even when I got spray tans, they’d come off streaky and splotchy on my neck where my eczema was. With the help of proper medication, my skin looks better than ever, and I now have the confidence to wear whatever I want.

  • Harley Newman says:

    I have struggled with eczema since childhood. Mild detergent and avoiding a lot of overly scented products can do wonders for me. I’ve found the best solution is the non-prescription option of lotion containing aloe and cocoa butter, and avoidance of steroidal creams that can cause dependence. A daily allergy medication also significantly reduces my symptoms.

  • Lincoln Fisher says:

    My sons both have eczema. It’s taken us a long time to find the right treatment. It seems to get worse during allergy season, so we have to give my older son Allergra for his allergies. My younger son isn’t old enough yet. We use Aveeno moisturizers and soaps. We use free and clear, unscented detergents. We also try not to bathe the kids in water that’s too warm, or else it exacerbates their eczema.

  • Luca Thompson says:

    Eating clean and healthy has been my best avenue of control for my eczema. I have tried many moisturizers and steroid creams in an attempt to control it. By avoiding or eliminating grains, sugars, and dairy as much as possible, I’ve found that my flare ups and rashes nearly go away completely as well as the accompanying dry skin.

  • Charlie Walsman says:

    My two-year-old son suffers from eczema. For the longest time we didn’t know what was going on with this skin; we thought he was getting hives every time he had a flare-up. When we finally took him to the doctor, he immediately diagnosed the rough, red patches as eczema. Since it’s currently winter, we have to put medicated ointment on his legs almost every night, and sometimes under his arms too. It’s the saddest thing to see the poor little guy’s skin so blotchy and irritated all the time. We switched to unscented baby soap and try to use Aquaphor to prevent flare-ups, but we haven’t noticed very much improvement.

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