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How Do Sexually Transmitted Infections Can Affect You and Your Loved Ones in an Ever-Changing World That We Live In

Simply put sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases are types of infections one gets through sexual contact with another person. It doesn’t matter if your straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, poly, etc. Everyone who engages in some type of sexual contact (vaginal intercourse, anal sex, oral) without proper protection is at risk of getting an […]

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Sexually Transmitted Disease: It’s more than HIV and Hepatitis that you have to worry about

What Are Sexually Transmitted Infections Getting a diagnosis sexually transmitted infection is just about the last thing anyone wants to hear. Even if you don’t know exactly what a sexually transmitted infection is, most people have heard enough about it that they know it isn’t anything good. Sexually transmitted infections are also known as sexually […]

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A Complete Guide: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Ways to Treat Them

Sexually Transmitted Infection/Disease In a recent article, I discussed with you what a Sexually Transmitted Infection and Sexually Transmitted Disease was, and what precautions to take to avoid and potentially treat these serious conditions. In this article i would like to backtrack a little bit and simply discuss the different kinds and most common STIs […]

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