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Risk factors and treatment outcomes for irritable bowel syndrome in children

Diet To Prevent IBS

Early Signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Some of the first signs of irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is an achy stomach, especially in the lower quadrant where the bowels are. It may seem like gas, but will consistently arrive after ingesting food and/or alcohol. IBS can be hereditary but may not always be the case. Most people don’t experience this until they are older, in their teens and up. There are many ways in which to treat IBS, you can start with diet. It’s a good idea to eliminate anything potentially irritating from your diet and then to add things back in one at a time to determine if they have an effect on your symptoms. Some of the things you should avoid until you can determine their effect are: 

  • dairy
  • alcohol
  • soy
  • cruciferous vegetables 
  • broccoli
  • kale

The elimination diet

It’s also important to make sure you are getting fully hydrated on a routine basis and you are maintaining your vitamin levels adequately.  The Elimination diet can be a helpful tool in determining what is causing your discomfort. If all else fails, you can consult your doctor and ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist. They can do a scope look inside your body and bowels for ulcers, obstructions or any other concerns that may be contributing to your IBS type symptoms. Some people do require medication to get this under control, in rare instances some also require hospitalization to manage the pain and ensure you stay hydrated and nourished while getting things under control. IBS is a very manageable condition if you are proactive with your diet and exercise and consult the doctor as recommended.

What causes IBS

It is not known yet what exactly causes some bowels to be so crabby and others to be able to withstand much more abuse. After all, there are animals that don’t get IBS and they eat far worse things than humans, such as the monkeys that eat the coffee beans and then poop them back out for humans to then brew once the hull is gone. I mean, they should have IBS! That is a lot of caffeine and dietary roughage. You could also switch to a completely liquid diet, a lot of people find great success with intermittent fasting, taking in only black coffee and water for an extended amount of time. This can help reset your system and allow all those entrails to heal fully before re-feeding with a nice bone broth and then working back up to solid foods.

Symptoms of IBS

Since IBS can make you gassy, you may want to consider buying extra air freshener and keep one with you at all times to spray the putrid air around you. You could also invest in some charcoal underwear to help capture the smell that emanates from your anus. Your coworkers and others around you will be greatly appreciative. An extra pair of underwear, and even pants if you have really greasy seepage are recommended. You may want to carry some baby wipes or sanitary pads as well as put a towel on your seat in your car to protect it. I have even been known some to fashion a portable toilet out of a 5-gallon bucket and a toilet seat for emergency use. You can pop that baby out of the car trunk virtually anywhere for quick relief. One gentleman, I know even used his on the side of the highway.

Things to avoid

If you have a significant other, this is certainly something you need to discuss with them, as there may come a time when you trust a toot and wind up needing to change the sheets. Mattress protectors and even an extra layer of Visqueen on the bed and couch can be live-saving for the furniture. Last but certainly not least, avoid pools and hot tubs if your bowels are angry. Draining all the water to clean up such a mess is time-consuming, costly and certainly embarrassing. None one wants to witness floating Babe Ruth amidst their swim or soak. If all else fails, embarrass your condition and be a spokesperson or ambassador for a medication or charcoal undies manufacturer. Perhaps you could even invent a solution for this problem yourself, patent it and get rich. 

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10 thoughts on “Risk factors and treatment outcomes for irritable bowel syndrome in children

  • Jacob Adams says:

    Anxiety brought on my IBS and it did not let up. It is awful, and once I have the urge I have to find a bathroom immediately or I will (shit) my pants. The first time it happened was awful, I was on my way to school for a final and I was about two feet away from the restroom when… so I cleaned myself up best I could. Finally when I got home I was able to take a bath and relieve the rash that had developed not having the right essentials needed to clean my self at that very moment. Now, if I no that I will not have a restroom available at any given moment and I am going on a trip, plane or a long car ride, or I have a large presentation to do at work, I will stock up on Immodiums and not eat anything up until that venture is over. It is such a pain to deal with, especially having a newborn. There is nothing you take for it either when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I always bring immodium, extra pants, wipes and spray with me everywhere I go now. Sometimes I am tempted to wear depends or something just in case.

  • Nixon Hewson says:

    I have had IBS ever since around the time I got diagnosed with depression and it’s been stressful. I never know if going to the bathroom is going to feel uncomfortable or itchy or just overall hurt. I never know if going to the bathroom in public will lead to embarrassing incident in public. I have been seeing doctors and trying to find helpful remedies.

  • Callum Harman says:

    I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I was about 15 and I was very upset when I found out because I felt like I was so strange compared to everyone else. This affliction can be painful at times but it is also manageable with the right care.

  • Hamish Simpson says:

    When I was 16 I found out that I have IBS after increasing my diet to gain weight. I thought I was just over eating but after tracking and doing an elimination diet for over a year I was told I have IBS. It was hard at first but I slowly found out how to manage it better and better. Now I virtually do not notice it, I just go about my normal day and stick to foods I know that wont trigger me. Stick with it if you have it and it will get better.

  • Riley Ross says:

    One time at school, I had to take a dump really bad because of my irritable bowel syndrome. After enduring a couple hours of classes, I was on the verge of exploding. I was feeling these waves of pressure in my stomach and feelings of pain rocked my entire body. Because of this, I had to bite down on my shirt to resist the immense pain and stress on my poor body. As I headed to my third class, I started to feel relieved. Then, while we were taking notes, another powerful wave of pressure and pain struck me like a bullet train. I nervously waddled up to the front of the class and asked to use the restroom. Once I was excused, I speed walked to the nearest bathroom. As I opened the door, I felt my stomach press down one more time. I opened the stall and found that the toilet was clogged. Then, I went to the adjacent, smaller stall. Thankfully it had toilet paper and was clean enough. I rested my behind on the seat and felt a way of liquid rush out, spraying out with the intensity of a sawed-off shotgun. I felt like I was blasted miles in the sky and felt a beautiful sense of harmonious relief. I resumed my day satisfied and completely empty.

  • Nathan Hill says:

    IBS has been a growing issue ive faced over the last year. my stomach is upset more and i just feel like i can’t go anywhere without worrying “what if”. Ive been working on my diet and exercise regime to help out and so far so good. i may be checking with my doctor soon one day

  • George Griffin says:

    i suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and its not fun. Constipation and discomfort are extremely common. i was diagnosed around the age of 15. I hope that they can make some kind of new medicine to combat all the symptoms of ibs.

  • William Quin says:

    My IBS comes and goes, depending on what I eat and my level of stress. I find I can manage it if I limit how much soda I drink and watch my fruit intake closely. No oranges or lemons for me, unless I want to spend hours bent over with abdominal cramps or an afternoon on the toilet. I was diagnosed about five years ago after I got bacterial gastroenteritis from e coli. I got e coli from an undercooked hamburger that I ate at a party, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Still, I don’t have it as bad as some. I’ve never experienced bleeding or anemia, and my IBS doesn’t stem from problems in my immune system. As long as I watch my diet and keep the stress down, I’m generally all right.

  • Mitchell Hayes says:

    I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and it is very awful. I try to manage the best I can but I hate it and I hate living like this. My stomach never feels good and I always have to run to the bathroom which I really hate.

  • Matthew Campbell says:

    My friend Jay was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome when he was a teenager. It affects many aspects of his life; how he eats, what his diet consists of, he can’t make long term plans, not to mention his embarrassment. He has started to use marijuana to ease his symptoms and it’s making a world of difference. He doesn’t smoke it, he eats it, under his doctor’s recommendation of course. It makes a huge difference in his daily life, from what I can tell. He’s happier, he can make longer plans, certain foods do not upset him as much.

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