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Red and Itchy skin? You may have dermatitis or eczema!

What Is Dermatitis / Eczema?

Dermatitis And Race

I have suffered from Eczema since I was a young child. I would always get these itchy rashes that would become inflamed and bumpy and the only thing that would stop them from burning and make it go away was Hydrocortisone. This condition is known as Eczema or Dermatitis. 

Who can get Eczema

Eczema is commonly found in adults and children alike with over 3 million cases reported each year in the United States. Many people could be living with Eczema and just not realize it. It is often made worse by dry conditions or by picking and itching the affected area. One good thing about Eczema is that it is possible to self diagnose it and even get treatment on your own without an expensive medical bill but if the symptoms get worse you should always see your primary care provider.

Treatment options

One of the most effective ways to treat Eczema is to use a topical steroid called Hydrocortisone. A cream can be purchased over the counter at nearly any store that sells such products including grocery stores. This cream will contain a percentage, usually between 2 to 4 percent, of the active ingredient Hydrocortisone. Rubbing this cream on the affected area can help the swelling and inflammation go down in a matter of days and with continued use, it can make the rash go away completely.

Common facts

There are several signs that can indicate you have Eczema. For example, if you notice that you are getting rashes or flare-ups after eating certain foods like nuts and dairy you may want to avoid those particular foods. Treating Eczema requires using topical steroids like Hydrocortisone and taking preventative measures such as keeping skin moist and not letting the susceptible areas dry out or become flaky.


Recognizing Eczema is easy enough since it consists of a rash that looks more severe than a typical rash. It is usually signified by a series of small red bumps in the affected area which will have a red and swollen look to it. There are also environmental factors that can make Eczema worse such as smoke and pollen. Basically, anything that irritates the skin is going to make an Eczema break out worse.

Is it contagious

Eczema as far as we know is not a contagious condition but rather it is caused by environmental factors. For example, during the winter, having the heat running will cause the air to dry out and these dry conditions make the skin susceptible to Eczema. As long as you are eating a balanced diet, keeping the skin moisturized and clean, and getting enough sleep you shouldn’t have any issues. If a breakout does occur, use Hydrocortisone on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.

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3 thoughts on “Red and Itchy skin? You may have dermatitis or eczema!

  • Flynn Blair says:

    I was first diagnosed with atomic dermatitis only a few months ago. I had been trying various oils, antibiotics and homeopathic remedies for red, dry, cracked skin on my hands. Nothing was working. When I made a trip to my doctor’s office to see what could be done, a PA took care of me instead of my GP. She prescribed a steroid cream and set the prescription for four tubes. I got the prescription filled not knowing that the amount prescribed was a two life-time supply. I medication didn’t work and I’m out $35 and still have the same skin condition. I’m concluding that it is not easy to diagnosis what may just be aged skin.

  • Noah Price says:

    My youngest son was diagnosed with Eczema as an infant. As a preventative measure, I’ve switched out our laundry detergent and bathing soap with formulas that are hypoallergenic. We keep his skin moist by using Cetaphil lotion after bath or anytime his skin feels dry. In addition, I apply Aquaphor on “hot spots” usually located on the back of his knees, on the inside of his arm and near his ankles and wrists. I also use Aquaphor on his face to prevent wind burn and to act as a barrier from acidic juices that irritate the skin around his mouth. If he get a bad flare up, his doctor prescribe a steroid ointment that has helped mitigate the redness and itchiness. I’ve also encouraged him to drink water throughout the day. It is important to stay hydrated; however, taking long baths and hot showers will have the opposite impact and can dry out your skin.

  • Noah Hayes says:

    Eczema is a brutal skin condition, especially if you have a typing job. I had a breakout recently on my fingers that made it so painful to type. I had to get a special topical steroid cream called hydro-cortisone in order to ease the pain.

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