ED medications – best choices for impotence treatment

Often, there is a family history of allergic conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis or eczema

5 Commonly-asked questions–and answers–about Dermatitis (Eczema). Before I get get started, many people send emails asking what the difference between atopic dermatitis and eczema. The truth is that while the terms mean basically the same thing, there are some technical differences.  Eczema (or eczematous dermatitis) is a little different from atopic dermatitis in that the […]

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China’s Deadly Coronavirus: Symptoms that Everybody Needs to Be Familiar With

corona virus (COVID 19) is an infectious disease cased by a new virus. The disease cause respiratory illness like the flu with symptoms such as cough ,fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing.You can protect yourself by washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face and avoiding close contact (1 metre or 3 feet) […]

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Coronavirus Terror: Things You can Do to Protect Yourself from the Outbreak

     oh boy the coronavirus, surely EVERYONE is tired of hearing about this arent they? but to be fair there are a few things i would like to clear up regarding this virus that seems to be a bit skewed in the media lens that we so graciously take for granted. Unfortunately scandals are […]

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STD’s Around the World: Who Spreads STD’s the Most?

How Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can be Treated Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), which are also called sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), are diseases that can be received from another person through sexual activity, which can include vaginal, oral, and anal sex. They can be caught from one person and also be passed on to other people through […]

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Malattie del sesso: come evitare tutte quelle trasmissibili

Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Australia Sexually transmitted diseases can be one of the most unpleasant subjects to talk about, not only because some of the elements involved in the conversation are particularly off putting, but also because it is an extremely negative category which directly affects some of the most usually positive and desirable categories […]

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Sexually Transmitted Disease: It’s more than HIV and Hepatitis that you have to worry about

What Are Sexually Transmitted Infections Getting a diagnosis sexually transmitted infection is just about the last thing anyone wants to hear. Even if you don’t know exactly what a sexually transmitted infection is, most people have heard enough about it that they know it isn’t anything good. Sexually transmitted infections are also known as sexually […]

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Sexually transmitted diseases are a turn off, people say, make sure you don’t get any:

What Are Sexually Transmitted Infections In Australia There is a chance that you’ve been to a party and I’ve heard people joke around about Herpes, this is just one of a slew of sexually transmitted infections one can get.Sexually transmitted infections are also called sexually transmitted diseases. This is often shortened to STD and has […]

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): a rising problem in public healthcare

Combating STDs And STIs With Modern Treatment Methods There are plenty of things in this world that you want to catch. A foul ball, a wedding bouquet, a lover into your arms. But then again there are some things that just might ruin your life if you catch them and that’s what we are going […]

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Atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema)- a guide to understanding symptoms and causes

Dermatitis and Eczema: Skin Conditions Dry, red, itchy skin. Everyone has had it or will have it at some point in their life, but when is a dry itchy rash more than that. Today we’re going to be talking about eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, and what you can do to help turn this […]

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How Diabetes is treated in the modern era of Western Medicine

Australia: Living With Diabetes Diabetes, it’s an ugly word that is affecting more and more people by the day. In Australia alone diabetes affect 1.7 million Australians. This includes the 1.2 million afflicted with type 1 and the 500,000 afflicted with type 2 diabetes. It is said that roughly 289 Australians will develop diabetes every […]

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