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Latest findings on Dermatitis and Eczema treatments

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a condition that makes the affected person’s skin red, uncomfortable, and itchy. It’s common in children and adults across many populations. Atopic dermatitis is a long lasting condition and will have periods of inflammation and relative recession. It may also be accompanied by asthma, hay fever, or other allergic reactions. So far no cure is available for atopic dermatitis, but treatments and self-care can relieve the symptoms of intense itching and prevent new outbreaks. Some examples of things for self care, it helps to avoid harsh soaps, you can moisturize your skin regularly, and you can apply medicated creams or ointments.




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3 thoughts on “Latest findings on Dermatitis and Eczema treatments

  • Ryan Glenn says:

    My kids have really bad eczema. Every time during the bath, I have to use on my 2 year old girl, Baby dove. Baby dove is the only thing that calms down her skin. She gets really bad eczema on her legs and on her right arm. My Middle child who is 8 years old gets it on his back and on his butt. My oldest who is 12 years old gets it on her legs. The only thing that works a lot of them is Eucrin maximum strength level 5.

  • Blake Hansen says:

    I have suffered from atopic dermatitis since I was a little kid. I have had these odd red blotches pop up on my skin for such a long time that I barely even notice when it happens anymore, and it really hurt my social skills and my ability to make new friends in public.

  • Isaiah Young says:

    My eczema got so bad one time I thought that my skin was falling off. It was horrible but im glad i got it under control by going to the doctor. Coco butter helped me a lot in order to keep my skin from changing colors and things of that nature.

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