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Kamagra for sale in Australia: delivery time and prices

People are always looking for ways to save money and avoid embarrassment when it comes to ED treatments. Viagra can be expensive, and going to the doctor can be embarrassing. It is no surprise that alternatives have cropped up online. One such alternative is Kamagra, Kamagra is made in India, and is an unlicensed version of the Viagra Pill. It is somewhat difficult to gather information on the substance known as Kamagra, however the following is a brief overview of the drug.

Kamagra is a gel and or pill that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is said to contain the same active ingredient, sildenafil citrate. While there are several websites offering the sale of Kamagra in Australia, it seems to be of questionable legality. It looks like many people looking to save on the cost of name brand drugs such as Viagra, purchase Kamagra instead. Also it seems to be purchased by those who are looking for an OCT alternative.

Side effects

Kamagra seems to share some of the common side effects of Viagra. Starting with the most common, Headaches, doziness, visual color distortions such as blurred vision, nasal congestion and indigestion. However due to the nature of the medication, it is likely that there could be additional effects as well. There appeared to be reports of many people suffering from allergenic reactions when taking this medication. As well as side effects that seem to be more common in this medication then in the name brand Viagra it is important to be aware, that as this is not a controlled medication, it is easy for other substances, to be introduced into it. The medication may not have the correct dosage of the active ingredient or it may have other ingredients in it that are not medication at all.

Kamagra for sale

Kamagra is available for purchase from several websites like viagramelbourne.com. It looks like it takes anywhere from 5 to 18 days to be delivered to Australia. The cost of the pills looks to be around 45$ for 10 pills, or about 4.50$ per pill. Although the price can very depending on what website you order from. Also the price appears to be lower if you are ordering more of them at a time.

The efficacy and legality of ordering Kamagra online could not really be determined. When researching the product I found several warnings that the active ingredients of the product might not be the only ingredients in the product. In addition, most of the research indicated that it would be a safer option to be prescribed the brand name of the medication.
In addition while it may be tempting to avoid having to visit a doctor in order to be prescribed medication for ED, it is not the best idea to take medication without a prescription that has the same active ingredients found in a medication that is prescribed, even if the Kamagra is in fact pure, and has the same active dosage of the ingredient, your doctor will not be able to monitor your health for changes that may occur from taking this medication. It is advisable that if you are looking for an ED medication you speak with your doctor, or wait for the approved OTC version of Viagra that is scheduled to be approved at some time later this year.

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