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Diabetes is Not the End of the World

Diabetes is a common disease that many of us seem to get at some time in their life. You can get it as a child, which is called childhood diabetes. Or at any age, so you will have to monitor for symptoms and see your general practitioner for follow ups if you are ever diagnosed. With proper treatment you can control it without having to take medication or insulin in some cases. 

What are the symptoms? And is there more than 1 Type?

Treatment For Diabetes

There is Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2. Also we can’t forget gestational diabetes either because it is out there as well, To determine which one you actually have would require a trip to the doctor to have it confirmed officially, which you probably have planned already. If you experience any symptom you should follow through and see the doctor because it might be just what saves your life. The symptoms for each of them are as follows. 

Diabetes 1

It involves the pancreas. When this organ in your body is refusing to make any insulin that is where the problem begins. Your cells need insulin and if there is none then the problems will arise as far as symptoms. Even if it provides just a little insulin there can be issues.

Diabetes 2

This can be the same scenerio as diabetes 2 when or if the body is rejecting it’s own insulin in some way. You will notice the symptims of hunger that has been increasing, blurry eyesight, an urge to use the bathroom (to urinate) more often, and/or just being overal tired. It can be very confusing when you still have it but yet experience a lack of symptoms. That is when it gets to be tricky. 

This type of diabetes can be treated esier. With the help of lifestyle changes such as excersizing more often, diet, and at the last resort insulin therapy things can get back on track again. You want to try things the natural way with the diet and excersize and then see if you still need the insulin therapy because it is always healtheir that way but by all means never rule the latter out completely at all. Medication is there for a reason, to help out.

Gestational Diabetes

If you are female and pregnant this is where this comes in. No man can get this and only pregnamt female. If your pediatrician tests you for it then you should listen to what is prescribed in order to have a healthy pregnancy while taking care of yourself as well. This can only ensure a good pregnancy. If you are 35 or older, have a weight issue, or family history with diabetes then testing should be more often than not. Symptoms will be almost the same as above with nausea, and frequent infections skin, bladder and vaginal.

Is Diabetes a forever disease?

Yes it might logically be with you for the rest of your life. There have been some cases where it has disappeared completely after a significant lifestyle change that is constant however. 

Best way to prevent it?

It would be to keep your weight down, excersize and possibly test for it as far as a routine yearly thing. One can’t be too careful, and catching it from the get go is probably best.

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