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Coronavirus Terror: Things You can Do to Protect Yourself from the Outbreak

Coronavirus Diagnosis

     oh boy the coronavirus, surely EVERYONE is tired of hearing about this arent they? but to be fair there are a few things i would like to clear up regarding this virus that seems to be a bit skewed in the media lens that we so graciously take for granted. Unfortunately scandals are big bucks and this one has scandal written all over it.

      So as you have probably heard it millions of times by now, the coronavirus of 2020 originated actually last year due to some otherwise sketchy trade deals of animals in the market district of Wuhan China. You see a coronavirus is supposed to actually be pretty darn hard to pass between humans and almost always comes from animals when present in a human case but i digress. And while it has changed several times, the last i heard people were saying that it was the bat trading (the kind with wings and fangs, not the ones made of metal and wood) caused several people to become very ill.

      But IS the coronavirus deadly? well i mean yes and no. YES it can be fatal IF you fall into a small subset of people who are susceptible to the disease such as the elderly or frail, and the only reason it is a huge problem for them is simply because we have no current way of treating it at this time.But i will say it is not as deadly as it has been made to almost unanimously been made out to be by the media. the fact is, if you are a normal, healthy, adult you are basically coming down with an untreatable flu for a few weeks. Yes it will suck because obviously right now you cannot do anything to make it better, but no it will kill you. Heck even children are being shown to be crazy resilient to the virus as well so do with that what you will.

     i mean, do i want to catch it? no thanks, no one likes being sick, but i am not going to be making stores shelves empty like the apocalypse is coming either. The coronavirus is here to stay with us for a short time, kind of like your in-laws. It showed up, unannounced of course, and started making you question a lot of the stuff you normally did. It has caused fights, and arguments, and fear and eventually it will leave so try not to fret too much. But do everyone a huge favor, and if you do catch it, try to keep yourself away from others for a couple weeks. because again, you are most likely going to be fine, the people you may spread it to could have a different story so it really is always best to air on the side of safety with these things.

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10 thoughts on “Coronavirus Terror: Things You can Do to Protect Yourself from the Outbreak

  • Zac Lawson says:

    Covid-19 is an extremely persistent virus. It spreads rapidly and seems to target people with underlying medical problems. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to this virus. Although it spreads quickly, the virus seems to have a fairly low death rate. The news about this virus changes daily as they find out more and more about it.

  • Kai Weaver says:

    Coranavirus disease has had great impact on the society at large. It is an infectious caused by the newly discovered virus known as Coronavirus. Most people infected with this disease will encounter mild to moderate respiratory sicknesses and could recover without special treatment. Although, older persons face serious issues if they contract the novel virus, Corona. It is even more worse if they were recently diagnosed with another medical issue by a medical expert.
    The virus is airborne, that is; it can be transmitted through air, most times, it is transmitted by fluid from the mouth. When a person infected with the virus coughs,and this droplets enters another persons mouth, the disease is likely to be transmitted. We are always encouraged to maintain physical distancing among ourselves so as to reduce the spreads of the disease. Always ensure that you are putting on the required ppe’s when stepping out of homes for a pressing needs or going to work.
    China, where the disease was primarily created has to learn from this. I strongly believe that if this country is properly sanctioned for this, we should properly be facing another virus from them. Other country cannot continue to suffer from the carelessness of China. As we all can see, there are alot of vulnerable countries around the globe who live in abject poverty, We should care for them too. Most of them lack good medical facilities and I tell you, If a disease like Corona should strike them, They will face endangering challenges.

  • Beau Baker says:

    The COVID-19 situation highlights how ineffective the American healthcare system truly is. The results of our ability to handle the pandemic is embarrassing compared to other countries. The fact that our government had to step in to tell these healthcare companies to assist in handling the virus only supports the fact that a healthcare system affected by a company’s bottom line will ultimately be ineffective, since the goal of a business is profit and not effectiveness.

  • Phoenix Clanton says:

    I think this virus is especially bad. I do not think it is the end of the world kind of bad, but bad enough to stop the world from functioning at an optimal level for a very long time. I think this virus could last until the last freeze because warm weather seems to kill it. I am not afraid of this virus. As long as I stay indoors and self quarantine , I will be fine I feel. When people get into trouble is when they go outside carelessly, shaking people ‘s hands and forget about the virus is when they get in grave trouble.

    In conclusion, I feel this virus is very bad but it is fully preventable. As long as your stay indoors a majority of the time and self isolate you will have an incredible chance of not catching this virus. Anyone is goes about carelessly,and shares water bottles with others is inviting this virus to wreak it’s havoc.

  • Dylan Harrison says:

    SARS-CoV-2 is a virulent novel coronavirus that causes a sometimes fatal disease, COVID-19. The disease itself is usually mild in most of the population, causing symptoms that resemble those of the common cold or flu, but in those who are infirm, like the elderly, or those who have preexisting cardiac, kidney, or immune-system conditions, it can be deadly.

  • Samuel Cooper says:

    I had the Coronavirus back in 1993 when visiting Vietnam on a business trip. They just called it AIDS back then. I didn’t know how to get rid of it, so I went to a spiritual doctor for healing. He told me to spread some blueberry jam on my kneecaps, and I should be fine. Worked like a charm. I’m not sure why these doctors are trying so hard to fix AIDS. It was already fixed years ago by Magic Johnson.

  • Eli Jackman says:

    The biggest danger of Coronavirus is the infringement of fundamental freedoms like assembly, private property and free association by the government and police state. The right of citizens to visit with friends or family consensually and voluntarily on private property does not end because the government thinks it knows what’s best for you.

  • Hunter McKenzie says:

    COVID-19 is something that should be taken seriously, and it is unfortunate that there are several people out there who still believe it is a “hoax” and not something to be taken seriously. It is mind-blowing that there are scientists with peer-reviewed research who are adamant that this virus is not something to ignore, but, for some reason, that is not enough for the average Joe. I have a friend who, recently, wanted to hang out with me but I turned him down because of the “Stay-at-Home” order in my state. He asked me, kind of condescendingly, why I’m taking this so seriously, which is kind of infuriating. This is not a stupid friend, by any means. He is a graduate student and very smart, but the fact that he shrugs off this virus as a hoax is mindblowing, and it shows just how uneducated he is on this subject. On the other hand, I understand the frustration of people who have had to uproot their entire lives as a result of this virus.

  • Eli Butler says:

    There has been a surge of misinformation coming from China about the spread of Coronavirus. China originally lied about human to human transmission and the WHO backed up that lie and perpetuated it and it resulted in unnecessary spreading and deaths.

  • Henry Coleman says:

    So long as everyone maintains social distancing guidelines and we all work together to slow the spread of the virus, this will go down as a footnote in history. While many have dies already, it is entirely up to us and our reactions how many more have to die.

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