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Atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema)- a guide to understanding symptoms and causes

Living In US With Dermatitis

Dermatitis and Eczema: Skin Conditions

Dry, red, itchy skin. Everyone has had it or will have it at some point in their life, but when is a dry itchy rash more than that. Today we’re going to be talking about eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, and what you can do to help turn this nuisance into a thing of the past. Eczema may be a common issue that is normally only found among babies and small children, but be careful, because it can strike anyone or any age at any time. New information has surface recently suspecting that the main cause for contracting eczema could be due to a “leaky” skin barrier. Apparently this is when water has a tendency to leak out of your skin, resulting in the thick dry patch fields we have come to know as dermatitis. This happens due to proteases that break the skin cells, causing the skin barrier to become leaky.

Why it occurs

While not a whole lot else is known about the causes for this condition, there are many reliably known was to help self remedy the situation, albeit temporarily. Moisturizers are among the most popular and probably the most common bathroom item people have that can be used to deal with it. Make sure to apply moisturizer at least twice a day for better results. Wearing clothing that helps to fully cover the arms and legs can also help in preventing the skin from becoming dry and scaly as well. Barring the fact that wearing long sleeved or legged clothing year round can be strange there are also plenty of ointments and creams that, similarly to moisturizers, can also be applied to help with these issues.

Chemical contact

Try limiting your exposure to harsh and rough soaps and long showers or baths. While it is still important to bathe frequently, this tends to cause essential oils and fluid to actually be lost from the skin. The result is an increase in dryness and irritation that can leave you in worse shape. Almost most importantly, and I know I sound like your parent or guardian when I say this, but do not scratch it. Not only will scratching the dried out patches of skin cause them to become more inflamed and irritated, but it can lead to some pretty nasty infections. The severity of your urge to scratch will most likely grow at night when you are setting down the evening and have more time to focus on your body.

If you notice and leaking or pus coming from the affected areas, make certain that you go to see your doctor immediately before the condition worsens.


You should also consider seeing your doctor in order to have an allergy screening performed for food related allergies. He may refer you to an allergist who can perform an allergy panel on your skin, or draw your blood and send it off to determine if there is the present of any food borne allergies in your system. the allergist may also be able to check and see if what you’re experiencing is really dermatitis. There are plenty of rashes out there that look like eczema, like poison ivy, so be sure that this is not a false alarm.


While there is no cure for eczema, you can see there are treatments, and the most important goal in dealing with this issue it to make sure that you are living your best life. You have as much right as anyone else to go to work, school, out on the town without having to worry about the social stigma associated with this condition. And the best part is, unlike most medical treatments, these solutions should carry little to no known side effect to you. You should be able to have a normal life and a restful nights sleep without being disturbed by your need to search your skin.

One step at a time

Most importantly, try not to stress out. Not only can stress aggravate your symptoms but it can also prevent you from loving life in your own skin. Try them out and decide which treatment options work best for you and I am confident that you will be having a happy and itch free life in no time. And as always, stay happy, and stay healthy.

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