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5 Things to Know if You Take Levitra

You have been enduring erectile dysfunction and hence reduced sexual pleasure for a long time, having tries multiple medications without any effect.
It was time you tried Levitra, one the top three medicines, besides Viagra and Cialis, in the market for erectile dysfunction. Levitra is the trade name of a PDE5 inhibitor, Vardenafil. It is administered as a therapy, medicine taken orally when needed.
You should take the medication under the guidance of a medical practitioner and share all your details with him. The condition should be treated like any other medical condition, because that is what it exactly is. A part of your body that does not function as expected, and needs caring.
When you are using Levitra, you should know the basics about the medicine to get the maximum benefit.

Buy Levitra online

Buy Levitra online

How to Use Levitra
Levitra comes in two varieties – regular film coated tablets and orally dispersible tablets. The regular pill has to be washed down without any liquid while the dispersible one can be had without any liquid. As regular pill is taken with a liquid, it takes effect faster.
Ideally you should have a doctor’s guidance, but you can ask your pharmacist for guidance as well.
Remember, Levitra does not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted diseases.

Levitra Dosage
The average dose of Levitra is 10mg 30 to 45min before sexual activity. However, Levitra is available in 2.5mg, 5mg and 20mg packs as well.
There should be a gap of at least 24 hours between two doses, when required. As it is taken on need basis, there is no issue of missed dose.
If you are on any other medication or have a medical condition, share with your doctor. For example, Levitra should not be taken with other medicines that are alpha blockers.
Also, Levitra should not be taken combined with any other medication for erectile dysfunction.

Possible Side Effects of Levitra
Though Levitra is generally non-harmful, it might have a few side effects, which you should know about. You might experience headache, flushing, indigestion, dizziness, sudden loss of vision, sudden loss of hearing. You should immediately consult a doctor in such a scenario.

How to Buy Levitra Online
You can easily purchase Levitra online, even without prescription. However, it is advisable to take the medicine under medical supervision.
There are many online stores that deliver it in Australia. Just google Levitra and it will throw up many online stores where you can place your order. Take care to check expiry date of the stock you are purchasing.

Levitra vs Viagra
Levitra was only the second oral pill to be approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction. So there is always a comparison of the two. Researches performed by the respective companies as well as independent agencies put their success rates to be almost similar.
Both Levitra and Viagra take effect within 30 minutes. With Levitra it lasts for almost 5 hours while with Viagra the effect wanes in 4 hours.
When you start a therapy, give it some time. However with Levitra you are bound to get quick results if you use it correctly, which should not be too difficult.

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